Reasons of short teeth

Are you happy with the length of your teeth and the ratio of your gum that shows when you smile, you’ve probably never thought much about these things. But if you feel that you have a particularly gummy smile or particularly short or square teeth, then, you might have a condition known as “short teeth.” It can be caused by a wide variety of factors such as: excessive wear and tear, genetics, or another condition known as a “gummy smile.”

Whatever the cause, short teeth are aesthetically displeasing to most people. When you smile, the overall length of your teeth appears “off”, which can be the focal point for people who have just met you. We’re going to look at the appearance aspect of short teeth, problems that can arise because of them, causes of short teeth, and several methods that a good cosmetic dentist can use to fix them.

Short Teeth and Appearance

We associate short teeth with older people because over time, teeth become worn down with use. This means that older people typically have shorter teeth, and often their teeth don’t show when they are smiling. If your teeth are short, you may look older than you really are as a result.

Can worn teeth cause any problems?

Poor appearance, often with the teeth appearing shorter, is often the first symptom people notice. Excessive wear can also lead to functional problems with chewing. Sensitivity is often noted, particularly when the enamel is severely abraded and dentin is exposed.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic issues and sensitivity, short teeth can lead to several documented medical conditions such as TMJ tiredness, headaches, and facial pain. This is due to a bad bite characterized by shortened teeth. If left unchecked, the teeth can wear down to the point where the raw nerve is exposed, thereby causing intense pain from toothaches.

For some people, the above symptoms do not manifest themselves in any serious way. However, a bad bite due to short teeth can literally leave a person looking much older than they really are. In worst case scenarios, they may experience premature aging in the soft tissue in their necks and faces which can add 10 years or more to their appearance.

What Causes Short Teeth?

There are several things that can cause short teeth. Severe wear-and-tear and chipping can occur over an elongated period of time is one of the more common ones. It happens so subtly that it’s oftentimes not noticeable until the tooth goes down to the 50% mark. Generally speaking, older adults tend to be at-risk for short teeth due to wear-and-tear over their lifetimes.

Sometimes the teeth don’t get shorter – the gums get longer. A “gummy smile” is one of many dental conditions that can cause the gums to cover the teeth, thereby making them look shorter than they really are.

Some people are born with shorter looking teeth. There is no real problem unless the person deems it to be an aesthetic problem.

What Treatments Exist for Short Teeth?

Fortunately, there are several treatments for people who have short teeth. You will first need to visit a qualified cosmetic dentist office such as Dr.Miski who will look at the cause of your short teeth and make a recommendation based upon what will look best as well as your budget.

Here are a few treatment options that exist for people who have short teeth:

Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are one of the most common procedures that cosmetic dentists use to treat people with short teeth. They’re very easy to maintain and can transform your smile to the way you want it to look. Veneers are custom-made to each tooth, so make sure to ask the dentist for more information.

Porcelain veneers can effectively lengthen existing teeth. Veneers are made from durable dental ceramic and are custom tinted and shaped to match your existing teeth, allowing for a wide range of aesthetic results to ensure that they look as natural as possible. Or in some cases, your dentist may suggest a dental crown instead.

Porcelain Crowns – Crowns are another viable option for people who have weak or damaged teeth.

Dental Bonding – In this procedure the dentist applies a composite resin to the front of the tooth prior to hardening it with a curing light. It offers many of the same results as porcelain veneers and could be an option in certain cases.

Gummy Smile Treatment – If excessive gum tissue is the cause of your short teeth then gum contouring can help fix it. There are many ways to go about gummy smile treatment and, Periodontist” Gum Specialist” such as Dr.Miski, is the specialist who is trained to do this kind of treatment, whereas, today he can use an advanced laser diode to trim away a very small amount of gum tissue in addition to other techniques . This will help reveal your teeth and make them look longer than they did prior to the treatment.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching – if your teeth are short due to unusual wear and tear, such as the wear that results from grinding or clenching your teeth, it’s also important to identify the cause of the issue and correct it, so that you won’t be faced with the same problem in the future. Clenching and grinding, known as “bruxism,” could be a sign of a deeper concern, like TMJ or another bite issue.


For more information or concern, you can  schedule a consultation with Dr.Miski who can assess carefully your case and find the best solution for you.