Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary? Scientists believe that we have wisdom teeth as the answer to eating raw meats, vegetables, and roots, at the evolutionary stage. These third set of molars grow in some people between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, or the wisdom years. They are not always functional and can make problems for you in the future. It is recommended that they are evaluated during this time to make sure that there is no threat. As you get older, the bones in the mouth become harder, making them difficult to remove.

Sometimes the teeth are impacted and cannot break into the jaw through the mouth. Waiting to have them removed may, sometimes, cause problems during or after surgery.

A lot of people have questions about wisdom teeth, and the most frequent is, “ should I get my wisdom teeth removed.” Read this article.

Common Causes for Wisdom Teeth Removal

1. Easy to have Cavity in Wisdom Teeth Because They Are Hard to Clean

Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your jaw and are often very close together. Because of this, flossing and brushing those teeth are often difficult and being overlooked, or simply missed, resulting in increased cavities. As we know, cavities lead to tooth decay, which can lead to more painful problems for you and your teeth.

2-Incorrect Growth

When these teeth grow in, sometimes, there is no much space for them in the mouth. Even, these teeth cannot be straightened out with braces. The only option is to have them removed. A dental surgeon can determine which teeth and how many need to come out. They might have to extract all of them or only a few.

3-Pain and Irritation around the Gum

Because of the limited space and often odd ways wisdom teeth grow into our mouths, it makes it easier for bacteria to stay around the tooth and gums. The gums easily become inflamed, red, and can even have pus or infection around them, all of which can be quite painful. What’s worse is that this gum inflammation can spread rapidly causing inflammation to the neighboring teeth.

If these pains occur, contact Dr.Miski, Gum Specialist to find the right solution. He can determine if it is the actual wisdom teeth or if something else is causing the pain. When pains and irritations happen, the dentist will not always decide that extraction is the best solution.

4-Damage to Other Teeth

It’s not just your gums that get bothered by those annoying wisdom teeth, it’s also your other teeth! Your other teeth generally have the space they need until your wisdom teeth crowd behind them. This can cause problems for your second molars and even your other teeth. Sometimes it damages the adjacent tooth making it necessary to get a filling.  In other cases damage leads to a root canal.

Some people have small mouths or lots of crowding.  That small space doesn’t allow a tooth to come out, and that pressure can be painful.

5-Difficulty Eating

If you experience pain while eating, this might be a reason to have your teeth being checked out. Food could be getting stuck in between the gums and the tops and back of the wisdom teeth. This could cause a lot of problems if you cannot get to the back of the mouth and clean well enough while brushing. Checking with a dentist to  fix this problem is the best way to handle it. If it can’t be resolved, extraction might be the only choice.

6- A Cyst Forms Around the Tooth

When a sac next to the teeth becomes filled with fluid, this is called a cyst. If it goes untreated, it can destroy bones, roots and surrounding structures. It becomes too severe, it can turn into a tumor and require additional surgery. It’s common for wisdom teeth that are not removed to develop a cyst or tumor around them. These can be painful and not easy to treat.

7-Inflamed Gums

Sometimes when wisdom teeth start to erupt, it can create a flap of gum tissue that resides next to the tooth. This gum tissue can trap small particles of food and bacteria. Tissue around the teeth can become hard and inflamed, making it hard to clean. This is called pericoronitis, it can also occur around wisdom teeth that are still underneath your gums.

8-Wisdom Teeth can cause problems later in life

Many people think wisdom teeth are something that is only a problem for teenagers. They either grow in the wrong way or start irritating from the start. That’s not necessarily the case. Wisdom teeth can grow into your mouth without irritating first, but over time develop problems. As time goes on wisdom teeth further develop their roots and the bones in your mouth become harder. This makes extraction more difficult and recovery longer. When you’re young it’s easier to recover and can be simpler to remove the wisdom teeth.

What About The Effect of Wisdom Teeth on Crowding ?

It is not recommended to remove any teeth because there is the chance of the teeth shifting or crowding. If they are not causing you any problems, you should not worry about having them removed. If they have to be removed, you might have to have them removed two at a time (all of the top teeth or all of the bottom teeth), or you might have to get all of them removed at the same time. This option is what is recommended to keep you from having to make a second appointment.

Are You Considering Wisdom Tooth Extraction / Removal?

If you are considering wisdom tooth extraction/removal, then have a consultation with Dr.Miski. We will happily take a look at your wisdom teeth with our 3D x-ray system so that we can see exactly what is going on in your mouth.