Emergency Dentist

We understand that dental emergencies unfortunately happen. Dr.Miski is an emergency dentist in Dubai, offering an emergency dentistry options for patients of all ages when an issue arises. Certainly, there are numerous dental issues that unexpectedly arise that need to be treated quickly, due to toothache, a tooth that falls out, or an issue with a broken tooth or dental restoration. As a result, Dr.Miski offers a number of emergency dentistry options to get patients back to their normal activities as soon as possible. Hence, don’t delay your treatment or suffer in pain in order to prevent more extensive problems and to get you back to your daily life.


Some of the common dental emergencies Dr.Miski treats are:

  • Tooth damage, such as a tooth chip or crack
  • Toothache
  • Tooth infection
  • Abscess
  • Swollen gum
  • Mouth cuts
  • Wisdom tooth pain
  • Broken filling
  • Lost crowns, fillings, or other restoration treatments that require replacement

Emergency Visit Faqs


Certainly, Dr.Miski can help if you have lost a filling. On the bright side, emergency dentistry may lend the opportunity for you to bring your mouth’s appearance up-to-date with more aesthetically pleasing dental materials, such as composite tooth-colored dental fillings instead of metal fillings. In other cases, dental bonding works well for small chips and cracks and dental veneers can protect weakened tooth structures.


First of all, if you have lost a whole tooth, please bring it with you to the appointment. Certainly, our experienced dentist may try to place the tooth back into its socket. In this instance, most noteworthy,you need to see a dentist right away.


Initially, Dr.Miski can serve you at the soonest ,in order to get a very quick pain relief whenever the situation occurs.


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best dentist in dubai reviews

Dr. Miski is a fantastic and extremely knowledgeable man, who understands that patients are not only concerned with a quality treatment, but also a qualitative understanding of the procedures and their reasons. Dr. Miski was always patient with his explanations and it is clear that it is very important to him that the patient understands. Aside from this, I was always comfortable with any dental procedures Dr. Miski conducted and trusted his judgement. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Miski purely due to the clarity he provides with every treatment.

Almohannad Albastaki

United Arab Emirates
best dentist review

I’ve been availing of Dr. Miski service for over 3years now and every experience is a joy. Dr. Miski is someone who really makes you feel he cares more about my teeth, more so than I do myself. He takes his time to explain all of your available options and no matter how many questions I ask of him, I never feel I’m burdening him. As someone with extreme sensitivity, never once have I ever felt any discomfort with any injection or procedure and can wholeheartedly say, my teeth have improved immensely since I started using the services of Dr. Miski. Unreservedly, I feel if the dentistry industry had more professionals like Dr. Miski, we all could benefit greatly.

Stephen Curtis

dentist review

The most beautiful and complete work seeing ever. Thank you Doctor.

Andreaa Lorena

dentist JLT review

I rarely found such attention to details in dental treatments and genuinely concern about my health… highly reliable expert since my first visit.

Mauricio Manrique De Lara

dental clinic JLT review

After a long road of dental work for Implants,the end result brought me to tears!I now know & can smile with confidence,due to the ultimate care that was given to me. Dr.Miski has become more of a friend and I trust him with anymore future dental work I will be having,I am so grateful.

Karen Short

United Kingdom