Dental Veneers


If your teeth have started to lose their shape, color, over the years, or if you have already a minor crowding or spaces, large anterior fillings, chances are, you are searching for a way to improve your smile, hence, Dental Veneers could be an option for you. Although, taking better care of your teeth – like flossing, brushing and using mouth wash regularly – can help somewhat, it most likely won’t restore your teeth to the desirable smile, and cavities may still persist. In this event, it may be a good idea to consider dental veneers; a dental veneer is a thin covering usually made out of ceramic, porcelain, resin-based composite, or acrylic, and they have a number of benefits.

When debating on whether or not to go to your dentist to get dental veneers, there a several key advantages that you should know about. Not only can they give your teeth the ideal color, but they can improve your bite and prevent cavities and gum diseases like gingivitis. Furthermore, dental veneers can cover up unsightly fillings, straighten crooked teeth and help improve your confidence and self esteem.They can last a very long time and they are practically painless.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Dental Veneers?

1.) If you’re like most people, your teeth aren’t perfect, and this includes the coloration. Although this is understandable, as it is hard to maintain the ideal set of teeth, your teeth may have become yellowed – or they may have even taken on a brownish color. Fortunately, Dental veneers can solve this problem; with a pearly white shade, they can make any smile look better.

2.) Secondly, they can drastically improve your dental bite. Whereas you may have had an overbite, under-bite or crowded teeth previously, these coverings can loosen them up by making space when a layer of enamel is taken away.

3.) Perhaps most importantly, they help defend against diseases and cavities. Many oral diseases stem from leftover feed sitting in the mouth, which release acids that can deteriorate your gums and teeth; veneers provide a barrier, making this less of a problem.

4.) This also conceals fillings.

5.) Finally, it straightens ones that may have grown in the wrong direction.

6.) They are durable, able to last for up to a decade.

9.) Not only this, but the procedures involve little to no pain, and patients have the option of taking minor sedatives.

10.) Finally, they can make you feel more comfortable with your smile, making your confidence grow.

If interested in getting dental veneers to brighten your smile and boost your confidence, please visit or call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miski.