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Certainly, we are proud to provide the best dental implant in Dubai now, using the highest technology in the world, and most importantly, the least invasive technique for dental implant placement.

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Dr. Miski, with 21 years of experience, is Specialist Periodontist/ Implantologist provides the best dental implant in Dubai. Even more, he is a pioneer in using computer guided implant placement utilizing precision surgical guides based on 3-D CT scans.

Computer Guided Implant Placement VS Traditional Implant Placement

a) Traditional Implant Placement

Almost, most Surgeons today place dental implants by hand, with the surgeon trying to line up the implant visually. Consequently, the surgeon opens-up the gum , and therefore, he can see the bone and the shape of the bone.

The surgeon then drills into the bone, estimating the angle and location, so he does not run into any vital structures. The implant is then placed in the bone, therefore, at the ESTIMATED depth and angle.

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b) Computer guided implant Surgery

It is a highly advanced technique, able to simulate the implant position on the computer, before the real surgery, utilizing a combination of 3-D imaging from CT scans X-ray and scanned model of the patient. Dr. Miski, therefore, provides the most accurate dental implant in Dubai, using always  CT scans X-rays because they are the most accurate & even more, the safest 3-D image system available today.

A precision surgical guide, then, helps to place the implant ideally in the correct position, while in contrast, it is hardly achievable by a free-hand surgery.

This allows Dr. Miski to see what is the ideal position and angle for implant placement from esthetic and functional perspective.

Dental Implant Placement Protocol

At the time of surgery, the surgical drilling guide is placed in the mouth and, therefore, accurately guide the implant placement. This, hence, assures that the implant is accurately placed as it was planned virtually on the computer. Most noteworthy, and since there is no guessing on position, angle or depth of the implant, a lot of times, no gum opening or sutures are needed. Implants are then placed as painless as possible . Beside that, there is less trauma and therefore less discomfort.

Implant Placement Accuracy & Safety

Certainly, this technique assures accurate implant placement in location, angle and depth. Hence, It is the the most accurate, safest and least traumatic way possible.

Most noteworthy, there are many vital structures that are present within the bone and under the gums that cannot be seen, and therefore, they can be damaged if inadvertently hit by an implant.

Certainly, some surgeons may use a computer to plan implant placement but they still place the implant without a precision drill guide or an inaccurate one. It was once said that “No matter how brilliant the plan, it is useless if not carried out correctly.”

Get the Best dental implantologist in Dubai at Dr. Miski

Is your missing tooth affecting your self-confidence or self-esteem? Do you want a natural-looking replacement for your missing teeth? Maintain full functionality, oral health, and comfort with the most advanced dental implant treatment. Dr. Miski Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics, and Dental Implants is your most reliable partner for dental implants in Dubai.

Who is the best implantologist in Dubai?

A dental implant is considered a gold standard in today’s tooth replacement techniques. In a dental implant procedure, our best implantologist in Dubai replaces the root of your missing tooth with screwlike metal posts. The post is fixed with an artificial tooth which functions almost like a real tooth. This is an effective, safe, and permanent solution to your missing tooth.

Least Invasive and highly-effective innovative dental implant in Dubai

We provide you with the least invasive and highly effective dental implant treatment that gives a sturdy and durable replacement for your missing teeth. We take pride in our best dental implantologist in Dubai, Dr. Miski, with over 21 years of experience in the field. He is also a pioneer in utilizing the most advanced computer-guided place of implants using 3D CT scans based on precision surgical guides. Through this state-of-the-art technology and technique, we streamline treatment duration and reduce your need for bone grafting. This procedure also shortens your recovery period and makes it far less painful than traditional dental implants.

Benefits of having dental implant treatment

• A permanent solution to your missing teeth

• Prevents further bone loss

• Restores your oral cavity to its natural state

• Rebuild the beauty of your smile

• Behaves exactly like your natural tooth/teeth

• Prevents premature aging and facial sagging

• Renews your self-esteem and self-confidence

• Keep your adjacent teeth stable

Types of dental implants

Our best implantologist in Dubai is committed to restoring and giving you a beautiful smile again. We offer different types of dental implant treatments depending on your unique condition.

• 3D guided dental implant surgery

• All-on-4 dental implants

• All-on-6 dental implants

• Same-day dental implants

After a detailed consultation with our best dental implantologist in Dubai, we recommend the right course of treatment for your particular condition. Using the latest technology, we ensure precise and safe dental implant placement with the least trauma.

Get in touch with our best implantologist in Dubai now and restore your beautiful smile!


best dentist in dubai reviews

Dr. Miski is a fantastic and extremely knowledgeable man, who understands that patients are not only concerned with a quality treatment, but also a qualitative understanding of the procedures and their reasons. Dr. Miski was always patient with his explanations and it is clear that it is very important to him that the patient understands. Aside from this, I was always comfortable with any dental procedures Dr. Miski conducted and trusted his judgement. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Miski purely due to the clarity he provides with every treatment.

Almohannad Albastaki

United Arab Emirates
best dentist review

I’ve been availing of Dr. Miski service for over 3years now and every experience is a joy. Dr. Miski is someone who really makes you feel he cares more about my teeth, more so than I do myself. He takes his time to explain all of your available options and no matter how many questions I ask of him, I never feel I’m burdening him. As someone with extreme sensitivity, never once have I ever felt any discomfort with any injection or procedure and can wholeheartedly say, my teeth have improved immensely since I started using the services of Dr. Miski. Unreservedly, I feel if the dentistry industry had more professionals like Dr. Miski, we all could benefit greatly.

Stephen Curtis

dentist review

The most beautiful and complete work seeing ever. Thank you Doctor.

Andreaa Lorena

dentist JLT review

I rarely found such attention to details in dental treatments and genuinely concern about my health… highly reliable expert since my first visit.

Mauricio Manrique De Lara

dental clinic JLT review

After a long road of dental work for Implants,the end result brought me to tears!I now know & can smile with confidence,due to the ultimate care that was given to me. Dr.Miski has become more of a friend and I trust him with anymore future dental work I will be having,I am so grateful.

Karen Short

United Kingdom